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On Arrival/Dresscode

Dress Code

Copthorne Golf Club prides itself on offering a welcoming environment for members, guests and visitors alike.  The dress code is reviewed and modified to ensure that it is in keeping with the respectable traditions of the club, whilst considering modern trends and member preferences.


The Captain’s Committee offers the following advice for members, guests and visitors:


On the Course

Recognised golf attire is required at all times.  Tailored shorts may be worn and we ask that men’s shirts be tucked in at all times.  Our policy is to encourage white socks when wearing shorts.


In the Clubhouse

Members, visitors and guests are encouraged to wear golf attire or smart casual clothing when in the clubhouse.


Clean, smart denim trousers are permitted (we encourage everyone to avoid torn material at all times) and gentlemen’s shirts should be tucked.


Golf shoes are not permitted in the Lounge Bar, Dining Room or Conservatory.


Jacket and tie should be worn in the Dining Room after 6pm, unless otherwise stated.


Golfers are asked to refrain from wearing hats in the clubhouse.


The dress code may be relaxed or modified from time to time on an event-specific basis.

Any queries regarding dress code should be directed to the General Manager.



Mobile Phones

Here at Copthorne we consider the course and clubhouse to be sociable, yet peaceful. Mobile phones should be switched off upon the course and silenced within the clubhouse. 

We do allow phones calls to be made in the car park, but the use upon the course is only permitted in the case of a genuine emergency.

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