Copthorne Golf Club

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Course open buggies available for hire (updated 29 June at 05:33)
On Arrival/Dresscode

Dress Code

We request that all golfers dress in a smart casual fashion. Non-golfing sports clothing, denim jeans (of any colour), t-shirts and trainers are not acceptable. There is not a spike bar at Copthorne, so please refrain from wearing golf shoes, waterproof clothing and hats within the lounge and conservatory. Shirts must remain tucked in when on the course or in the clubhouse.

On the course tailored shorts are allowed when worn with long socks of any colour or ankle-length short socks that are predominantly white.

With the exception of a post-round drink, golfers are required to change from their golfing attire into fresh smart casual clothing for the clubhouse. A fresh shirt is usually required for the dining room, plus a jacket and tie for formal club events. The Captain may relax the dress code for certain social events, but that will be advertised as such.

Mobile Phones

Here at Copthorne we consider the course and clubhouse to be sociable, yet peaceful. Mobile phones should be switched off upon the course and silenced within the clubhouse. 

We do allow phones calls to be made in the car park, but the use upon the course is only permitted in the case of a genuine emergency.

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