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The Junior section at Copthorne Golf Club has a vibrant and active membership. Junior members at Copthorne are able to play their golf on one of the best courses in Sussex and it's reckoned that if you can play well at Copthorne then you can play well almost anywhere. The section is run by our Junior Organiser Kevin Groves.

Dean Powley and Russ Buxton, two of our PGA Professionals, looks after our section and hold coaching sessions for young starters and development groups on Saturday afternoons as part of the Junior Academy.

In addition, teaching sessions with school children locally in Copthorne are held and individual lessons for juniors can be provided for the discounted rate of £15 per half hour lesson (usually £20).

During the course of the year there is the opportunity to play in monthly medals and stablefords, as well as many other Trophy competitions. Other competitions include winter & summer knockouts, the Club Championship, Club matches and County events. In addition there is opportunity for those improving players to participate in both gentlemen’s (boys) and ladies' (girls) competitions.

Also, for those with ever-improving handicaps at different age groups there may also be the chance to play at county level. Look out for the County age-group championships on the Sussex County websites; for the boys and for the girls.

Any junior wishing to become a member or if you wish to find out more information about our Junior section please contact us, either via e-mail or come along to the club where you can always talk to our friendly PGA Professionals or our club officials.

Junior Special Offer: No annual fee if under the age of 12 years and a parent, guardian or grandparent has Copthorne Club membership.

A comprehensive Junior Welfare and Child Protection Policy suitable to the needs of the Club has been created and approved by the Management Committee. A copy of this document is available for reference from the Managing Secretary.

Junior Captain

George Groves
Junior Captain 2017

Kevin Groves

Kevin Groves
Junior Organiser

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Drive Chip and Putt Championship

Final at Copthorne Golf Club July 23rd 2017

Welcome to the first Drive, Chip and Putt Championship in the UK

The Drive, Chip and Putt (DCP) Championship aims to help younger generations begin their lifelong connection with golf by providing a fun, interactive platform for participants of all skill levels. This exciting event welcomes boys and girls aged between 6 and 15 to participate in separate divisions in four age categories. Local qualifying will take place at four golf clubs during the months of April and May. Top performers at the local level will advance through to the final at Copthorne in July.

Drive Chip and Putt


Local Qualifying (April / May)

Maximum of 320 juniors competing at 4 venues
4 juniors advance in each age/gender category from every venue




Enter Now
*Select your the correct age-group for your venue*

Cottesmore Golf Club TBC 09.00
Entrant's Name
Rustington Golf Center Saturday 29th April 10.00
Entrant's Name
The Dyke Golf Club Sunday 4th June 11.00
The Dyke
Entrant's Name
Royal Eastbourne Golf Club
Sunday 27th May 13.30
Royal Eastbourne
Entrant's Name
Please make sure you select the correct age bracket from the drop-down menu for your venue.

National Final (23rd July)
64 total participants at Copthorne Golf Club

Maximum of 320 juniors competing at 4 venues
4 juniors advance in each age/gender category from every venue

Each participant will compete in all three skills (Drive, Chip & Putt) hitting 2 shots in each skill. An individual rules sheet will be available at each local event and the final.

Participants will accumulate points in each skill. The top 4 with the highest number of accumulated points will qualify for the final.

In the case of tie in the overall score, the putting rank will serve as the tie breaker (followed by 1) chipping and 2) driving if necessary).

Age groups: 6-8, 9-11, 12-13 & 14-15

Entry Fee: £10.00 (each entry will receive a DCP golf ball. They will also will receive food and drink at qualifying venue).

On reaching the final each qualifier will receive a players pack, food and drink.

Sussex County Golf

Please contact Russ for further information.

Russell Buxton


Telephone: 01342 712405

e-mail Russ

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